Adiyy bin Hatem (r.a.)

Adiyy bin Hatem (r.a.)

It is possible for those who adopt a cause without evidence and without investigation, and only by imitation to hesitate and even to give up the cause in the face of small problems they will encounter in the future. It is seen that those who adopt a cause by thinking and reasoning embrace their ideals, and display more perseverance and determination for it than they have shown for the wrong causes before.

The history of Islam is full of many examples of this truth. Adiyy bin Hatem is one of them; he earned a distinguished position among the Companions after accepting Islam.

After the death of Hatem at-Ta’i, who was famous for his generosity, his son, Adiyy became the leader of the tribe of Tayy; he was a Christian. He was firmly adherent to his religion. He became very concerned in terms of his own belief when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared the cause of Islam. He could never accept it for the Arabs who had been following their ancestors for many years to follow such a newcomer. He became very upset, left the Arabian Peninsula and went to Anatolia, where Christianity was widespread. According a narration, he even went to Istanbul and talked to the Kaiser.

After a while, he was tired of wandering idly and said to himself:

“Why do not I go to Muhammad? If he is lying, I will notice him. If he is telling the truth, I will be subject to him.”

After this thought, he went to the Messenger of Allah. The Companions were very surprised when they saw that Adiyy came suddenly. The following conversation took place between him and the Messenger of Allah:

“O Adiyy! Become a Muslim so that you will be saved.” (The Messenger of Allah repeated this sentence three times.)

“I have my religion.”

“I know your religion better than you do.”

“How do you know my religion better than I do?”

“Yes. Are not you from Raqusiya? Do you not take one-fourth of the booty of your tribe? It is not lawful for you in your religion.”

After this conversation, Adiyy disappeared again. There were spiritual storms in his inner world. Hesitations began about accepting Islam. About a month later, Adiyy met the Messenger of Allah again. The Messenger of Allah said,

“I know what keeps you from accepting Islam. You think, ‘Only those who are weak, those who are not strong accept this religion. Besides, Arabs have already alienated such people.’ Do you know Hira?

“I have not seen it, but I have heard about it.”

“I swear by Allah, in whose power is my soul that Allah will definitely complete this religion and make it dominant. A woman will come from Hira alone without needing anybody and circumambulate the Kaaba. The treasures of Kisra bin Hurmuz will be captured. ”

“The treasures of Kisra bin Hurmuz?”

“Yes, the treasures of Kisra bin Hurmuz. Wealth will be so abundant that wealthy men will not be able to find poor people to help. ”

Years later, while narrating the conversation between him and the Messenger of Allah, Adiyy said,

“I witnessed a lonely woman coming from Hira circumambulate the Kaaba. I was the vanguard of the military unit that took over the treasures of Kisra. I swear by Allah that the third will absolutely take place because the Messenger of Allah stated it. ”[ Usdul-Ghaba, 3: 393. ]

Adiyy bin Hatem became a Muslim in 630 AD with the encouragement of his sister, Safana bint Hatem, who had become a Muslim before him. Although he was with the Messenger of Allah for only two years, he reported several hadiths.

Hz. Adiyy was very generous just like his father Hatem at-Ta’i. The Companions respected him a lot. When he visited the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah would treat him a lot.

He was very affectionate. He treated even ants with compassion. He gave food to ants saying, “These are our neighbors. They have a right, too.”

He was so keen on worshipping that he said, “I wait for each prayer time with enthusiasm.”

When the incidents of apostasy occurred during the caliphate of Hz. Abu Bakr, he served the caliph loyally and worked with might and main to prevent his tribe from joining the apostates.

He fought heroically as an assistant to Khalid bin Walid in the Iraqi battles. He fought self-sacrificingly in the wars of Qadisiyya and Mihran under the command of Abu Ubayda.

He was far away from his own tribe for a long time. Once, he came to Madinah during the caliphate of Hz. Umar. Supposing that Umar did not recognize him, He said to Hz. Umar, “O Amir of the believers! Did you not recognize me?” Hz. Umar answered,

“How do I not recognize you? You have received grace from Allah Almighty. When many people left the right path, you stayed in the right path. When many people denied, you confirmed the truth. When they betrayed, you acted loyally. When they turned their backs, you resisted.”[Isaba, 2: 468.]

Adiyy bin Hatem, who did not like to be praised, said, “O Umar! Enough!” Thus, he interrupted Hz. Umar.

Adiyy bin Hatem had a long life that he spent doing distinguished services and died in Kufa in 68 H.

May Allah make us attain his intercession!

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