All Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence: Arguments For Divine Unity.Part4

All Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence: Arguments For Divine Unity.Part4

All of these are controlled by a single miracle-displaying Maker. Every flower, fruit, and animal is a stamp, a seal, or a signature of that Maker. Wherever they are found, each proclaims in the tongue of its being: “The One Whose stamp I bear made this location. The One Whose seal I carry owns this place. The One Whose signature I indicate wove this land.” In other words, only the one who holds all elements in His Power can own and sustain the least of creatures. Anyone can see that only One Who exercises Lordship over all plants and animals can own, sustain, and govern the simplest of them.

Truly, in the tongue of similarity to other individuals, each individual being says: “Only one who owns my species can own me.” In the tongue of spreading over the planet with other species, each species says: “Only one who owns the planet can own us.” In the tongue of being bound to the sun and of its mutual relationships with the heavens, the Earth and the other planets say: “Only one who owns all these can own me.” If apples were conscious and someone said to one of them: “You are my work of art,” that apple would retort: “Be quiet! If you can form all apples, rather if you can dispose freely of all fruit-bearing trees on this planet and all gifts of the All-Merciful One coming from the treasury of Mercy in shiploads, only then can you claim to own me.”

Since each fruit depends on one law of growth from one center, it is equally easy and cheap to produce one or many fruits. In other words, for multiple centers to produce one fruit would be as hard and expensive as equipping the tree, and to produce the equipment necessary for one soldier would require all the factories needed to supply an army. The point is clear: When a single result related to numerous individuals depends on multiple centers, there are as many difficulties as there are individuals involved. Thus, the extraordinary ease seen in all species arises from unity.

The correspondence and similarity in basic features and forms seen in all members of a species, and within all divisions of a genus, proves that they are the work of a single Maker, for they are “inscribed” with the same Pen and bear the same seal. The absolute ease observed in their coming into existence necessarily and inevitably requires that they be the work of One Maker. Otherwise, it would be so hard to bring them into existence that genus and species in question would not exist.

To conclude: When attributed to Almighty God, all things become as easy as one thing; when attributed to causes, one thing becomes as difficult as all things. As a result, the extraordinary cheapness and ease observed in the universe, as well as the endless abundance, display the stamp of Unity. If these abundant and cheap fruits were not owned by the One of Unity, we could not purchase them even if we gave the whole world. How could we pay for the purposeful and conscious cooperation of soil and air, water and sunlight, the sun’s heat and the seed, and many other things that make a pomegranate’s existence possible? All of these factors are unconscious and controlled by a Single Maker, Who is Almighty God. The cost of a single pomegranate or any other fruit is the whole universe.

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