False Arguments About the Origin of Existence: Nature, Natural Laws and Causes.Part3

False Arguments About the Origin of Existence: Nature, Natural Laws and Causes.Part3

  • Although all causes necessary for an effect are present, that effect does not always come into existence. Conversely, something happens or comes into existence without any causes that we can recognize or understand as such. Also, the same causes do not always engender the same effects. This is why some scientists reject causality as a way of explaining things and events.

Among causes, humanity is the most capable and eminent, for we are distinguished with intellect, consciousness, willpower, and many other faculties and inner and outer senses and feelings. Yet we are so weak and helpless that even a microbe can cause us great pain. If even we have no part in our own coming into existence, and no control over our body’s working, how can other causes have creativity?

Materialists take the conjunction of events for causality. If two events coexist, they imagine that one causes the other. Seeking to deny the Creator they make claims like: “Water causes plants to grow.” They never ask how water knows what to do, how it does it, and what qualities it has that enable plants to grow?

Does water possess the knowledge and power to grow plants? Does it know the laws or properties of plant formation? If we attribute a plant’s growth to the laws or nature, do they know how to form plants? Some sort or amount of knowledge, will, and power are absolutely necessary to make the least thing. Therefore, should not an all-encompassing knowledge, and an absolute will and power, be necessary to make this complex, amazing, and miraculous universe about which we still know so little?

Consider a flower. Where does its beauty come from, and who designed the relationship between it and our senses of smell and seeing and faculty of appreciation? Can a seed, soil or sunlight, all of which are unconscious, ignorant, and deaf, do such things? Do they have the knowledge, power, or will to make even a flower, let alone to make it beautiful? Can we, this planet’s only conscious and knowledgeable beings, make a single flower? A flower can exist only if the whole universe exists first. To produce a flower, therefore, one must be able to produce the universe. In other words, its creator must have absolute power, knowledge, and will. All of thse are attributes of God alone.

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