How should we understand the verse, “Had the Qur’an been from any other than God, they would surely have found in it much incoherence or inconsistency”? ”

How should we understand the verse, “Had the Qur’an been from any other than God, they would surely have found in it much incoherence or inconsistency”? ”

No human being has been able to find a defect in the Qur’an and they never will be able to do so. 

Nothing contrary to pure reason, true science or human psychology has been or will be found in the messages of the Qur’an, in the excellent and universal legal principles it contains, nor in its commands and prohibitions which it introduces for perfect individuals and societies. The Qur’an would not be a miraculous, unique Book if it were not the Word of God.

On the contrary, some parts of it would have been great, some parts defective, some parts would have been acceptable and other parts objectionable. If we take into account the numerous explanations within so many different frames of references then we can understand that the totality and textual integrity of the Qur’an could not have been achieved in any other way.

The Qur’an would also have suffered from many defects, such as natural compulsions, idealistic constraints, carnal and selfish desires and tendencies that were not aimed at any justice or benevolence or any truthful way of thinking.

The non-contradictory style and internal coherence of the Qur’an constitute a dominant aspect of this uniqueness. 

Human words contain many imperfect features, such as meanness, defeatism, a variety of weaknesses, sloth or a lack of insight and intelligence. Inconsistency is another important human feature which makes itself apparent in a number of situations. All such are features, which are obvious in human speech, actions and deeds, whether the person be a literati, an artist, a politician or a military commander, are easily recognizable in any human artistic action, be it practical or artistic. All such features are the result of human inconsistency. In contrast to these we are presented with the miraculous integrity and harmony that are features peculiar to the Qur’an.

The Qur’an carries the seal of divine artistry and thus indicates the Supreme Artist and His works, unchanging from moment to moment, displaying no relativity. 

There is too great a difference between divine and human art; it cannot be measured. Moreover, there is no human world view, there is no school of teaching that does not suffer from such deficiencies of limited perception, or which is not influenced by worldly problems or the inability to see contradictions in views, teachings or styles of action.

Also, there has been no human world view or school of thought that has not been criticized by later generations; the human way of thinking is not capable of taking into consideration all the distinct features of personality, numbering in the hundreds or even thousands, which stem from our capacity to perceive our own needs. Hence, such schools of thought are incapable of taking into account every aspect of human personality. But the Qur’an has none of the above-mentioned defects as it was revealed by God, the All-Knowing.

God Almighty informs us that He has sent down the Qur’an free from conflict or contradiction. This is why God says,

“Do they not meditate earnestly on the Qur’an, or are there locks on the hearts (that are particular to them so that they are as if deaf and blind, and incapable of understanding the truth)? ” (Muhammad 47:24),

i.e. would we not have found many conflicts, contradictions, inconsistencies and the like in the Qur’an if it had been produced by a human being? Whereas, the Qur’an is free of all such deficiencies, for it was sent down by God. As stated above, although the Qur’an was revealed in parts over a period of 23 years, on different occasions at different times and locations, it has perfect harmony; the parts are so united and harmonious with one another that it is as if the Qur’an had been revealed on one occasion all at once. Although the Qur’an was revealed in answer to different questions and upon a variety of circumstances, its parts are so consistent, in agreement with each other and mutually supportive that it is as if it had been revealed in answer to one question and revealed at one time.

All these definitely prove that the Qur’an is the Word of God.

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