Sūratu’d-Duhā (The Forenoon):(93:5)

Sūratu’d-Duhā (The Forenoon):(93:5)

It is more accurate to take the phrase in the sentence “you will be contented” to mean the maqām ar-ridā, or “the rank of being pleased with and pleasing to God.” 

To illustrate, our master Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, came to the world with the full capacity to attain this rank. This attainment was like a seed in his nature in the beginning. Just as a seed buried in the soil germinates, grows, sprouts, and becomes an elaborate tree, by God’s willing, our Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, fully developed his potential to attain the rank of being pleased with and pleasing to God with an indescribable performance and through his extraordinary resolution and efforts, which God bestowed on him.

Thus, the verse, 

“And assuredly He will increasingly grant you His favors one after another and you will be contented,” 

was glad tidings to him that he would certainly attain to the highest “rank of being pleased with God and pleasing to Him.”

Indeed, the attainment of the rank of being pleased with and pleasing to God is possible for everyone according to their capacity as long as they live in obedience to God’s injunctions and prohibitions and do not waste or use in wrong ways the potential given to them by God.

Also, the Arabic prefix “la,” both in the expression of “wa-la-sawfa” (where the emphatic prefix “la” is used in conjunction with the future particle of “sawfa,” all of which give the sentence a future and certain definite positive and convincing significance) in this verse and in the expression of “wa-la’l-ākhiratu” (Assuredly, what comes after, especially the Hereafter) in the previous verse, which is,

“Assuredly, what comes after will be better for you than what has gone before,”

has the characteristics of both being a particle of oath and an affirmative intensifying particle that is used as a corroborative. Therefore, the happy end of being pleased with God and pleasing to Him is forcefully promised to God’s Messenger in the previous verse, and this promise is corroborated and confirmed in the one under discussion. That is, his Lord, God Almighty, will raise Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, to the highest horizon of all virtues and perfections by perfecting him through pains and innocent rejoices, distress and relief, and he will finally find himself in cascades of contentment as the reward of his physical, spiritual, and intellectual exertions and efforts. This will certainly take some time. But just as his every new moment will be better than the previous one, his final attainment, which will manifest itself in both the world and the Hereafter according to the conditions and features of each, will be indescribable.

Then, there will be no reason for both the leader, the Prophet, and the followers, his community, to have anxiety or to be grieved and worry. The leader will enjoy full satisfaction on behalf of both himself and his community and taste all the enjoyments of attaining to the “rank of being pleased with God and pleasing to Him.” The Eternal One will respond to the attainment of this rank by raising both the leader and the followers to the peaks of contentment and turning drops into oceans and particles into suns, each according to their capacity and by eternalizing them. He will exalt the leader with making him the owner of the “station of glory and praise,” which is mentioned in the verse,

“Your Lord may well raise you to a glorious, praised station” (Al-Isrā’ 17:79),

and bestow on the followers the blessing of reaching the same status according to the capacity of each of them.

O God! Include us among Your servants who praise You often, and resurrect us under the banner of Muhammad, upon whom be peace and blessings.

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