The Attributes of Action.Part1

The Attributes of Action.Part1

As for the Attributes of action, briefly, they are six and are as follows: Creation, Originating Uniquely, Producing, Giving Life and Reviving, Causing to Die, and Providing.

1. Khalq (Creation)

Literally meaning originating out of nothing and formation, khalq (creation) denotes that God originates something when nothing of it exists and makes it with all of its essential elements. With this meaning, creation cannot be attributed to any other than God Almighty.

▪Khalq is used in the Qur’an also in the meanings of making up, fabricating, and giving form to clay. While it can be used for created beings with these meanings, the Qur’an attributes creation only to God. Likewise, the attributes of Khaliq (the Creator) and Khallaq (the Supreme Creator), which are derived from khalq, are used only in attribution to God.

There is a difference between the sacred Attribute of Creation (Khalq) and the majestic Attribute of Making Exist (Takwin), as well as between the Attributes of Originating Uniquely (Ibda’) and Producing (Insha’), which are regarded to have originated from the latter.

This difference is as follows:

Creation means giving existence to something with its essential parts and building blocks, Originating Uniquely means creating without having any precursor to imitate and creating in a unique and peerless way, Producing denotes bringing about something by arranging its parts which have already been created, while Making Exist signifies bringing into existence in a way to encompass the meanings or actions of all the Attributes of action—all the actions belonging to the Attributes of action are included in Making Exist.

It is God alone Who creates everything particular or universal, small or large, earthly or heavenly, animate or inanimate, spiritual or corporeal, and it is also He Who creates all states and the acts of all beings during their entire life.

In many of its illuminating statements, the noble Qur’an reminds us that it is exclusively God Who originates, creates, and produces. For example:

It is He Who has created all that is on the earth for you. (2:29)

All praise and gratitude are for God, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and brought into being veils of darkness and the light. (6:1)

Indeed your Lord is God, Who has created the heavens and the earth in six “days.” (7:54; 10:3)

Do they never consider that God Who has created the heavens and the earth is able to create them anew (the dead) in their own likeness? (17:99)

And He it is Who from a fluid has created humanity and made it (a male and female and, through them,) into a population through descent and marriage. And Your Lord is All-Powerful. (25:54)

God is He Who creates you, then He sustains you (by providing for you), then He causes you to die, and then He will bring you to life again. (30:40)

All-Glorified is He, Who has created all the pairs, of that the earth produces, and of themselves, and of that which they do not know.(36:36)

It is God Who has created you and all that you do.(37:96)

Have they (the unbelievers) not considered that surely God, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and never wearied with their creation, is able to bring the dead to life? Certainly He is; He has full power over everything. (46:33)

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