I’m Hanafi, but I want to read about other schools, suggestions?

I’m Hanafi, but I want to read about other schools, suggestions?


Assalamu Alaikum, hope all is well, Insha’Allah. I am of the Hanafi school of thought, but I feel that I do not follow all that being a Hanafi entails, since I do what I’m told to do (bad habit, I know). Do you recommend any books to read on the different schools of thought to see what each entails (and know to follow properly)? JazakAllahu Khair 🙂

Wa alykum as-salaam,

Alhamdulilah, I am doing very well, Rabina yu’barik feek[i] for your kind words and concern.

Here are the best books I can think of, off the top of my head:

Al-Muhalla by ibn Hazm [Zahiri]

Kitab al-Umm by Imam Shafi’i [Shafi’i]

Ihya Ulum ad-Din by Imam Al-Ghazali [Shafi’i]

Bidayat al-Mujtahid wa Nihayat al-Muqtasid by Ibn Rushd [Maliki]

Ar-Risala fi Usul al-Fiqh by Imam Shafi’i [Shafi’i]

Kitab Usul al-Fiqh (in Majmu’ al-Fatawa), Ibn Taymiyyah [Hanbali]

Mudawwana al-Kubra by Imam Malik [Maliki]

Fatawy Imam Al-Ghazali by Imam Al-Ghazali [Shafi’i]

Also check out the work of Tabari [Jariri] and Thawri [Thawri] which are a little more difficult to find, but found in many collections of comparative Fiqh. Of course, Imam Jaafar is of critical importance if you want to learn about Maliki and Hanafi Fiqh, so there’s that, too.

I hope this helped, insha Allah.

I pray this reaches you and your families in the best of health and Iman, insha Allah.

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