Is mouth-to-mouth resusciation Haram?

Is mouth-to-mouth resusciation Haram?


Salam. Say you’re in a life and death decision. Is it haram to give mouth-to- mouth resuscitation to a non- mahram?

Wa alykum as-salaam,

I think the moment you mention the term “life-and-death” it should be abundantly clear what should be done: save that person’s life.

What is the value of preserving some mahram/non-mahram binary when a person’s life is at stake?

While I do not want to reprimand you, because I have no place to say such things to you as we are complete equals before God, I ask that you please consider what is the central defining characteristic of Islam in your mind.

If Islam is merely a set of regulations that would dictate a set of actions set to rules without compromise, then I think there is much more of Islam for you (and myself) to discover.

When it comes to matters of life-and-death, of medicine, of necessity you must offer the maximum of your human capacity for another person. What is the use of the rules that govern our ethical behavior towards one another, if we then use it as a way to prevent us from dealing with the moments that can define us?

This is not directed to you, but to everyone (including, most importantly, myself) that when we ask questions that are like this, ask yourself a more important question: what does Islam mean to you?

I hope this answered your question, insha Allah.

I pray that this reaches you and your families in the best of health and Iman, insha Allah.

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