Islam, the Solution to All Problems

Islam, the Solution to All Problems


Can Islam Solve Every Problem?

Yes, it can. What we say on this subject has been said already by many people. The many conversions to Islam even in the West are a strong argument for Islam’s ability to solve a wide range of problems.

Who knows how to run a factory better than its designer and builder? 

When we want to get a simple electronic device to work, we consult someone before we use it. In the same way, the One who created us knows best how our individual and social life should be conducted. Obviously, He also would give us the best and the most suitable system by which to conduct ourselves: Islam.

  • Today we can see the ruin of human-made systems all around us. 

Corrupt and bankrupt, held up for a while by temporary success, they nevertheless continue to crumble. Feudalism, capitalism, socialism, and communism all have collapsed or are in ruins, leaving behind nothing but distress and lamentation. Islam, however, remains with us and has lost none of its original vigor. The West is well aware of this, for many of its people warmly welcome Muslim spiritual guides and preachers. Even some churches are used to serve Islam in one way or another. The world is moving toward a new understanding of Islam, and there is widespread conviction that Islam will solve our “unsolvable” problems.

  • If your enemies appreciate your virtues, you are indeed worthy of admiration. 

Today, even the enemies of Islam seem to have recognized its virtues. In Europe, many who have accepted Islam do not confess it publicly due to social or political fear. Moreover, a large majority of them are members of the church.

To get a concrete, substantial answer, we must ask a specific, detailed question. To deal with all problems and indicate how Islam resolves each one within the confines of this book is impossible. If those who argue that Islam cannot solve our problems would indicate a particular problem, I would be happy to provide a particular answer.

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