Abbad bin Bishr (r.a.)

Abbad bin Bishr (r.a.)

Hz. Abbad was one of the notables of Ansar. He became a Muslim through Mus’ab bin Umayr. He took part in all battles with the Prophet along with the battles of Badr, Uhud and Khandaq. He fought heroically in battlefields.

Some Companions kept guard near the Prophet during battles and protected him against a possible danger. Abbad bin Bishr was one of the guardians of the Prophet (pbuh). He kept guard near the Messenger of Allah voluntarily even when he was asleep and tired.

The Prophet sent Abbad for some important duties. He fulfilled the orders of the Messenger of Allah fully and performed the service he undertook with great care. During the expedition of umrah, the Messenger of Allah sent him as the leader of a cavalry unit to observe and explore the actions and movements of the polytheists. Once, he gave him the duty to teach the Quran to the tribe of Sons of Mustaliq and to collect zakah. Hz. Abbad stayed for 10 days with the tribe of Sons of Mustaliq. He read and taught the Quran and the principles of Islam to them. He collected their zakah and returned to the Prophet happily.

Hz. Abbad worshipped until the morning at some nights. Once, the Prophet heard the voice of Abbad bin Bishr while praying at night in Hz. Aisha’s house. Hz. Abbad was busy with worshipping in the mosque. When the Prophet saw his desire of worshipping, he prayed for him by saying, “O Allah! Show mercy on Abbad bin Bishr!”

Abbad bin Bishr performed his prayers in awe. When he performed a prayer, he thought that this prayer would be “his last prayer”.

While returning from Dhatur-Riqa Expedition, Hz. Abbad was right beside the Prophet. It was nighttime. The Messenger of Allah ordered the mujahids to take a break to rest. He found it appropriate to have some people on guard. He was looking for two volunteers for this duty. He asked his Companions,

“Who would like to keep guard tonight?”

Ammar bin Yasir, from Muhajirs and Abbad bin Bishr from Ansar stood up. They came to the front at the same time by saying,

“O Messenger of Allah! We would.” The Prophet said to them,

“Wait at the entrance of the valley and look around carefully.”

Both heroes proceeded toward the valley. Abbad asked Ammar,

“Would you like to keep guard first or later?”

Ammar agreed to keep guard first. He started to keep guard. Abbad started to perform prayers. Meanwhile, Ammar, who was very tired, fell asleep.  Abbad bin Bishr did not know that his friend was sleeping.

While he was praying, a polytheist who was following the mujahids saw him. He wanted to make use of this opportunity. He took out an arrow and threw it. The arrow hit Abbad. Abbad was in divine presence. He was so enchanted that what stuck into his body felt as if it was a thorn, not an arrow. He did not care it. He removed the arrow and put it on the ground. He continued praying. When the third arrow stuck into his body, he removed it like the others and put them on the ground. Then, he bowed down and prostrated. After that, he saluted. He was very weak. He awakened his friend and said to him in a low voice.

“Sit up. I have been wounded. I cannot move.”

When Ammar opened his eyes, he saw blood coming out of Abbad’s body. He realized the situation. He said,

“Subhanallah! Why did you not awaken me when the polytheist threw the first arrow?” Abbad said,

“I started to read a long chapter in the prayer. I did not want to cut it short. When the arrows started to come one after another, I stooped reading in order to inform you and bowed down. By Allah, if I had not feared to lose the entrance of the valley the Messenger of Allah ordered me to guard, I would have died before finishing the chapter.”

Making use of their conversation, the polytheist ran away.

Ab­bad received the following praise from the Prophet:  “Three people among Ansar are very good people: Sa’d bin Muadh, Usayd bin Khudayr and Abbad bin Bishr.” He visited the Prophet frequently and took great pleasure and knowledge from the talk of the Prophet.

Once, he went to visit the Prophet with Usayd bin Khudayr. They listened to his luminous talk until late at night. When they left the Prophet, it was very dark. Suddenly their staffs started to shed light on the way. When they left each other, the light was divided into two. Each of them went home in the light of their own staffs.

Abbad bin Bishr wanted to be a martyr in the way of Allah. Allah Almighty accepted his wish. He became a martyr at the Battle of Yamama.

One day before his martyrdom, Abbad said to Abu Said al Khudri,

“O Abu Said! I saw in my dream last night the skies open and close again. I hope it indicates my martyrdom.”

When the battle started that day, he came to the front heroically and addressed Ansar as follows:

“O Ansar! Break the sheaths of your swords and move to one side.” He wanted to tell them that they should fight until they were martyred.

Upon his call, 500 Companions from Ansar left the other Companions. Abbad proceeded to the garden of Musaylimatul-Kadhdhab with these Companions. A very severe clash took place. Many Companions were martyred.  Abbad was among them. He had a lot of wounds on his body. It was almost impossible to recognize him. They recognized him from a sign on his body.

May Allah be pleased with him!

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