All Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence: Arguments For Divine Unity.Part5

All Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence: Arguments For Divine Unity.Part5

  • Life, which manifests Divine Grace, is an argument and proof for Divine Unity, as well as a sort of manifestation of It. Death, which manifests Divine Majesty, is an argument and proof for Divine Oneness.

For example, bubbles on a river’s surface show the sun’s image, light, and reflection, as do all transparent objects. These facts testify to the sun’s existence. Despite the bubbles’ occasional disappearance (e.g., when they pass under a bridge), the splendid continuation of the sun’s manifestations and its light’s uninterrupted display on successive bubbles proves that the sun’s images (which appear, disappear, and are then renewed) come from one enduring, perpetual sun manifesting itself from on high. Therefore, the appearance of these sparkling bubbles demonstrate the sun’s existence, and their disappearance displays its continuation and unity.

In the same way, beings in continuous flux testify through their existence and life to the necessary existence and Oneness of the Necessarily Existent Being. They testify to His Unity, eternity, and permanence through their decay and death. Beautiful, delicate creatures that are renewed and recruited, along with the alternation of day and night, as well as seasons, and the passage of time show the existence, Unity, and permanence of an elevated, everlasting One with a continuous display of beauty. Their decay and death, together with the apparent causes for their lives, demonstrates that the (material or natural) causes are only veils. This decisively proves that these arts, inscriptions, and manifestations are the constantly renewed arts, changing inscriptions, and moving mirrors of an All-Beautiful One of Majesty.

  • Obviously, the perfect design and adornment of a perfect palace indicate a master builder’s perfect acts. This starts the following series of relationships: Perfect acts show the builder’s perfect titles (which specify his or her rank), which shows the builder’s perfect attributes (the origin of his or her art), which show master’s perfect abilities and essential capacity, which show the perfection of the master’s essential nature.

In the same way, the faultless works and art in all well-ordered beings point to the perfect acts of an Effective, Powerful Agent. This fact starts another chain: Such perfect acts point to that Majestic Agent’s perfect Names, which point and testify to the perfect Attributes of the Majestic One known with the Names, which points and testifies to the perfection of the essential capacity and qualities of the Perfect One qualified by those attributes, which points to the perfection of the One having such capacity and qualities that all the types of perfection in the universe are signs of His Perfection, hints of His Majesty, and allusions to His Beauty. They are pale, weak shadows in comparison with His Perfect Reality.

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