Bashir bin Sa’d (r.a.)

Bashir bin Sa’d (r.a.)

Hz. Bashir was from Madinah. He took part in the Second Pledge of Aqaba. He promised there that he would protect the Messenger of Allah from all kinds of dangers. He kept this promise throughout his life. He took part in all wars together with the Messenger of Allah including the Battle of Badr.

Hz. Bashir was married to the sister of the great Companion Abdullah bin Rawaha.

During the Battle of the Khandaq, his wife gave her daughter some dates and said, “Take this to your father and your maternal uncle Abdullah.” As she passed by the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet (pbuh) asked her, “What is with you?” After this, Hz. Bashir’s daughter narrates what happened after that as follows:

“I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! They are dates. My mother sent them to my father and maternal uncle.’ He said, ‘Give them to me.’ I poured the dates into his two palms. They did not fill his palms. Then, he wanted a piece of cloth. They brought the cloth and put it on the ground. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) spread the dates on the cloth. Then, he said to those who were with him, ‘Come and eat.’ Although all of them ate, the dates increased. The morale of the Companions who saw this miracle increased.”

Bashir bin Sa’d also served as the commander of some small units. On one occasion, he went to the tribe of Murra with some soldiers upon the request of the Prophet. He was wounded on this expedition. On another occasion, he was informed that the tribe of Ghatafan would attack the Muslims. A unit of 300 people was prepared under his command. When the people of Ghatafans heard this, they escaped. Bashir bin Sa’d entered their land. They obtained a lot of booty. They also enslaved two people and returned to Madinah. These two prisoners later became Muslims. The Prophet congratulated Bashir on this success and complimented him.

Hz. Bashir asked the Messenger of Allah questions from time to time. Once, he asked the following question:

“O Messenger of Allah! Allah Almighty commanded us to utter salawat for you. How shall we utter salawat? ”

The Prophet kept silent for a while. He did not answer. Thereupon, the Companions indicate their displeasure toward Bashir. They thought, “We wish he had not asked this question.” However, a little while later, the Prophet recited the prayers of “Salli and Barik” and told them to utter salawat like that. Thus, upon the question of Bashir, we learned how to utter salawat for the Messenger of Allah. [ Tabaqat, 3: 531; Muslim, Salat: 65. ]

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