Belief in Prophets: Part 2

Belief in Prophets: Part 2


Man, who has mind and conscience, thought about both the world he lives in and his own creation and tried to find answers to questions related to these issues in every age. Man found some realities as a result of these efforts, with his limited mind and knowledge but he wasn’t able to find satisfactory answers to his questions. Satisfactory answers were learnt from the divine messages received through prophets. The following is stated in the Quran related to this issue:

We have sent among you a Messenger of your own rehearsing to you Our signs, and purifying you, and instructing you in Scripture and wisdom, and in new Knowledge. (al-Baqara, 151).

Prophets were sent in order to teach men how to worship their Lord. It is a reality that man needs a guide to teach him the types of worship like prayer, fasting, almsgiving etc stated in the Quran. The Lord gave men endless blessings. Men can learn how to thank their Lord only through prophets that are sent.

An artist who produces a valuable work of art wants to show this work to people who are good at art, to receive their admiration and appreciation and wants himself to be known. He sometimes holds a general exhibition where he displays all of his works. He appoints an attendant to inform people about, to explain and to show the exhibition.

Similarly, Allah created conscious beings to show the manifestation of His endless perfection and beauty attributes. The most superior of these beings are men. No doubt, there is a need for an interpreter to understand the exhibition of the universe. This guidance is the work of Prophets. The universe is like a book in terms of conveying the names and attributes of Allah. There is a need for Prophets to teach this book to mankind.

Prophets are distinguished people whom Allah appoints out of His grace to guide and enlighten men. Allah informed Prophets the divine judgments through revelation and appointed them to convey and explain them to men. In the Quran the following is stated: وَمَا عَلَى الرَّسُولِ اِلاَّ الْبَلاَغ that is, The Messenger’s duty is but to proclaim (the Message) (al-Maeda 99).

Man was created in such a way to live in a community. Therefore, there is a need for the principles brought by Prophets to arrange all of the social and legal procedures sagaciously among the individuals that form the community. Otherwise the establishment of peace, security, justice, reliance, social assistance and solidarity, brotherhood, fraternity, affection, love and respect will not be in the expected level. Despite the material and technical advancement of today’s communities, their social problems have increased because of their deprivation from the criteria brought by Prophets. The peace and happiness of the family have disappeared. The social abyss between the social layers has increased.


Prophets tell us that the happenings in the universe are meaningful. They also tell us that there is a reason, an aim and a benefit for man. They also mention the relation of the whole universe with man. They speak about the value of man. They state that the misfortunes that come to man are not coincidental that they all have a reason. They state that there is no coincidence in the universe.

Each man would like to find out what the great personality, that does him a lot favours and grants him a lot of things, wants from him to please Him, how to please Him, what his future will be. Allah, who gives men endless blessings, told men what to do to please Him and what their future will be through Prophets.

It is natural that the owner of a skill wants to see and to show his skills and art. He will certainly appoint somebody to explain his skills and art. Similarly, Prophets informed people about the aim of the creation of the universe, the orders and consent of Allah. Prophets mirrored the divine names in the best way. They advised men in the best way that they should believe, obey, thank and praise Allah. Men were able to understand the answers to the questions where the beings come from, where they go and what their duties are thanks to the messages brought by Prophets.


Prophets never told lies and never stopped being straightforward during their lives. When Allah conveyed them this divine duty, their most important assistant was the fact that they never stopped being straightforward. Another element that strengthened the causes of Prophets and that supported them was Miracles.

Why is a Miracle shown?

A person can claim that he is a prophet. Therefore Allah gave each Prophet miracles as a mark and sign of being Allah’s messenger. A miracle is an extraordinary thing that men become too weak to do and is only granted to Prophets by Allah.

About 1000 of the miracles of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) were seen. Some of these miracles occurred in front of the eyes of hundreds or even thousands of people. That is, it is impossible for them to be denied or to be lies. However, his permanent miracle that will last till the Day of Judgment is the Quran. A lot of scholars, interpreters and researchers expressed clearly that it was impossible for this holy book to be written by a man and that it could only be the book of Allah.

The most distinguished people in the world are the chains of Prophets beginning with Hazrat Adam. The last link of this chain is undoubtedly Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He himself not only showed the essentials of Islam but he also brought the details of the religion even the smallest manners and principles himself. For instance, he showed and applied everything from the manners of going to bed to eating, drinking water, sitting even speaking and wanted his umma to apply them.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is extremely affectionate towards his ummah. It is stated definitely that when he was born, as a miracle, the words my ummah, my ummah were heard from his lips. In the gathering place in the hereafter, when everybody even the Prophets are busy and in a hurry, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) will say my ummah, my ummah (Reported from Fathul- Bari Sharh-i Bukhari; El-Hasais-ul Kubra, 1/134).

Religion is a test and trial. Allah will differentiate between the good men and the bad men with this trial. The proclaimers of the religion are Prophets. Prophets need to show some miracles to persuade those who hear their proclamation. No miracles to force the mind to accept were shown. It is the necessity of the offer to leave the door open for the mind and not to grasp the free will If the miracles had been in such a way to grasp the free will, then people with diamond spirits like Abu Bakr and people with coal spirits like Abu Jahl would have been in the same level and the secret of the trial would have been spoiled.

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