The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) mentioned his Companions by appreciating them and showed Muslims how they should act toward them. Some of the hadiths regarding the issue are as follows:

“How happy is he who sees and believes in me. How happy is he who sees me!” [ Musnad, 5: 245. ]

“Fear Allah about my Companions! Fear Allah about my Companions! Never turn against them after me and never curse them. He who loves them loves them due to loving me. He who gets angry with them and hates them does so due to his hatred and enmity toward me. He who oppresses them oppresses me. He who oppresses me oppresses Allah. He who oppresses Allah faces a big misfortune…” [ Manaqib: 59; al-Isaba, 1: 10. ]

Once the Prophet was asked, “Who are the best one among people?” He said, “Those who live in my age, then those who come after them and who come after them.” [ Muslim, Fadail: 211; Tirmidhi, Manaqib: 57. ]

“My Companions are like stars. Whichever of them you follow you will be rightly guided.” [ Kashfu’l-Khafa, 1: 132. ]

In another hadith, the Prophet orders people not to speak ill of his Companions and says,

“Do not revile my Companions! By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if one among you spent as much gold as the Mount of Uhud, it would not amount to their sadaqah of two handfuls of dates or half of it.” [ Muslim, Fadail: 221. ]

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