The Road to Marriage.Part5

The Road to Marriage.Part5

Another young man in the house was Hind, the son of Khadija from her former husband Abu Halah. The little Zubayr, too, joined this household for a while when his father Awwam passed away, and he too had the good fortune of growing up in this house.

It was in such a house that peace could be established. The Pride of Humanity himself was the source of peace. His whole mission was to bring peace to those who could not even imagine peace in their dreams, to shower such people with complete peace and serenity. The affectionate behavior of our mother Khadija was a great source that fed this peace as well. She was assured in the righteousness of all the actions of the noble Prophet from the beginning and always hastened to do as he bid. Whenever something disturbed him outside, he would run to the home that was kept stable by our mother Khadija, and this is where he would find his peace. Just as there was this understanding between the two of them, there was also a sincere relationship of trust between them, so sincere that everyone looked upon them with envy.

One day, when Muhammad the Trustworthy, peace and blessings be upon him, asked leave from his uncle Abu Talib to go to Khadija, Abu Talib told his slave girl Naba to follow him to report back on their relations. When she returned, Naba told the following to Abu Talib: 

“What I saw was very interesting indeed. When she saw him coming, Khadija came to the door, held his hand and said to him: ‘May my mother and father be sacrificed for you! In truth I would not do this for anyone but you, but I know that you are the Prophet of the future. When you reach that state please do not forget me, and my position near you! Please, pray for me, too, to Allah who has sent you!’ Muhammad the Trustworthy, who heard this praise from his wife and supporter in all things, said: ‘I swear by Allah that if indeed I am he, you have sacrificed many things for me, and I will never forget your sacrifice.’” 

And indeed he would never forget it.

Soon this household started to bear fruit. First Qasim was born. He was the child that gave our noble Prophet his name Abu’l-Qasim, the father of Qasim. But he did not stay long in this mortal world. When he was only a toddler, he left this world for Paradise.

Two years passed after Qasim’s death and our beloved Prophet’s daughter Zaynab came to the world. Zaynab was his first female child. A year later Ruqayyah, and three years later Umm Kulthum was born. Our mother Fatima honored the world with her presence the year that the revelations started. The last child that our mother Khadija brought to the world was Abdullah. It had been two years that the spiritual meeting in MountHira had taken place. Because he had been born into what was now an Islamic world, Abdullah was also called Tayyib and Tahir to signal his purity. However, Abdullah did not live long either and three months later, he too left the world. It seemed that Allah the Almighty wanted to protect them from the possible complications that would arise later.

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