Umayr bin Humam (r.a.)

Umayr bin Humam (r.a.)

Makkan polytheists did their best to extinguish the light of Islam. They did not allow the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and the Muslims to practice their religion freely. They even tried to interfere with them in Madinah. Their aim was to eliminate Islam.

However, Allah started that light. The roots of the tree of Islam were deep. There were mujahids who would sacrifice their property and lives in the way of Islam. What could the enemy do as long as they existed?

The polytheists arrived near the Well of Badr with about one thousand people. However, they found the lions of Allah, who did not fear anything, facing them. Their number was small but their belief was very strong. What could be done to those people, who went to death by smiling and who sacrificed not only their property but also their lives in the way of Allah? The believers stood against the polytheists like a castle made of steel. The Messenger of Allah ordered them: “Do not do anything unless I order you to do something.” The Companions listened to the Messenger of Allah very carefully. They showed by their attitudes that they were ready for his orders. The polytheists approached them. The Messenger of Allah gave the following order: “Get ready to deserve Paradise, which is as wide as the earth and skies!”

The enemy did not have such an opportunity. It was not reasonable to risk and sacrifice their lives. However, for a believer, death, which an unbeliever feared, was the beginning of the endless bliss. To die in this way meant to revive. Was it possible for a believer to miss such an opportunity?

Was it possible for them to wait after hearing the words of the Messenger of Allah that excited and activated them? Besides, there was Paradise, which is as wide as the earth and skies, after that.

One of the Ansar rushed forward. It was Umayr bin Humam. What he heard caused waves of excitement in his heart. Was it a dream or did he mishear it?

He approached the Messenger of Allah and asked,

“O Messenger of Allah! Did you say Paradise, which is as wide as the earth and skies?” he said,

“Yes, I did.”

He felt relieved. What he heard was not a dream. He said,

“How nice!”

The Messenger of Allah asked him why he spoke like that. He said,

“O Messenger of Allah! By Allah, I spoke so because I wanted to be a person of Paradise.”

The Messenger of Allah said, “You are already a person of Paradise.”

Umayr had some dates in his hand. He had brought them in order to eat them and appease his hunger. However, as soon as he heard what the Prophet said, he took out his bow and arrows. He said,

“If I live long enough to eat these dates, I will be late.”

Before finishing his words, he threw the dates away. He had no time to wait. He wanted to fight for Allah, kill a few unbelievers and then go to Paradise. Besides, the Messenger of Allah had given him the glad tiding.

Soon Umayr was martyred. He used Badr as a bridge for his eternal life. He was included among the heroes of Badr, showed the best example of sacrifice in the way of Allah and flew to Paradise.

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