What is a muslim?

What is a muslim?

Etymologically speaking, the word Muslim and the verb sa-li-ma both come from the root silm. This means that for Muslims, every matter takes place in line with silm (security), salamah (safety), and Muslim-ness. Muslims are seized by such a divine attraction that all of their actions take place around this powerful center.

They greet everyone with salaam, thereby placing love for themselves in everyone’s heart.They end their prayers with salaam. All people, jinn, angels, and conscious creatures receive their salaam. That is, they exchange greetings with invisible creatures as well. Until now, no other people have extended this circle of greeting to such a degree as have the Muslims. Islam consists of performing such principal duties as fasting, giving alms, performing the Hajj, and striving to profess the faith. This means that they set sail on the sea of safety and security by obeying the command:

Enter safety (Islam) whole-heartedly (2:208).

Those who throw themselves into that sea emanate safety and Islam in every condition. No one sees anything but goodness in the actions and behavior of such people.

The ideal believers who enter an atmosphere of safety and security, having so immersed themselves in that atmosphere that they harm no one with their hands or tongues. This refers only to the true and ideal Muslims who leave their mark on all minds, not those who appear or claim to be so, or to those whose identity cards or passports have “Muslim” written on them.

Real Muslims are people in whom one can feel confidence and trust, so much so that other Muslims can turn their backs on them without a second thought.

One can entrust a family member to such people without fear; this person will suffer no injury from the hand or tongue of the Muslim. If one were to attend a gathering with a true Muslim, one could leave in full confidence that no one will gossip about one, nor would one have to listen to gossip about others. Such Muslims are as sensitive to the dignity and honor of other people as they are to their own.

They do not eat; they feed others. They do not live for themselves; they live to enable others to live. They will even sacrifice their spiritual pleasure for others.

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