What is the Point of Worship, and Why Does it Have to Be Done in a Certain Way?.Part3

What is the Point of Worship, and Why Does it Have to Be Done in a Certain Way?.Part3

Praying in the manner taught through Divine teachings and guidance is the best worship, for it flows from the love, awe, and submission to God that belief in Him and knowledge of His Divine Being engender. 

Following the method prescribed by God and His Prophet please Him further and benefit us the most.

We are in constant need of help, guidance, and counsel.

Imagine that a successful business owner gives you sound and free advice on how to run your business. Would you refuse such advice? If we pray according to the revealed method, we avoid the pitfalls of excess and impropriety, and obtain advantage and blessings beyond our imagination. Maybe saying Allahu akbar releases the Divine Mercy and inspires our soul to undertake a journey like the Prophet’s ascent to heaven. Maybe reciting the opening chapter of the Qur’an opens the way to the highest mystery. With every word, gesture, movement, and pattern, we may be opening hidden doors and secret locks leading to hidden realms and eternal bliss.

Prayer straightens all ways and opens all doors.

God hears our recitals and supplications, and angels gather around us when we prostrate with sincerity. No one can claim that such things do not happen—rather, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad confirm that they do. This is why the most accepted pattern of worship is the one prescribed by God.

When we buy something, do we make up our own instructions concerning how to use it, or do we use the instructions provided by the manufacturer? As the Creator knows what will cause us to prosper in this world and the next, we should follow what He has revealed and how His Messenger practiced it in his daily life.

It is we who need to worship God; not God who needs to be worshipped—He is free of all need.

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