Scholars say I cannot study The Qur’an myself, is this true?

Scholars say I cannot study The Qur’an myself, is this true?


Many scholars say that I’m not supposed to study the Quran myself and should consult selected knowledgeable fews and not to mess with things I am not likely to understand. I find this insulting. I am not a scholar, I don’t agree with many scholars, I don’t really care if they know more or think they know more so I find this hard to take in. I thought the Quran was supposed to be for everybody? What’s with all this superiority attitude? I’m sorry if I sound harsh, it really is bugging me 🙁

I understand your frustration, and I remember feeling the exact same thing.

Unfortunately (for my parents) that frustration meant that I stopped studying engineering (I know, how typical), but, what I want to underline is that, you don’t have to go to those super lengths in order to go study The Qur’an.

You see, the reason why I decided to switch majors was because I had a desire to discuss Islam publiclyand academically. Therefore, it was a necessary condition that I study Islam

I then have to ask, even if you’re not going to be talking about Islam publicly or academically, what is preventing you from approaching The Qur’an yourself?

That being said, I am sorry to hear that they have a bad attitude, but I don’t think that responding to their negative attitude with an equally negative reaction is the best way to approach this situation. I’m not sure what scholars would discourage people from studying The Qur’an, which is shocking to me, but I would simply listen to their perspective with an open mind, who knows, maybe you’d be surprised and learn something new?

If not, then at least you were polite and listened to another person’s perspective. I’m sorry, I just don’t see why some scholars’ opinion is bothering you so much. They don’t have control over your actions, go and study The Qur’an yourself. Again, if you’re going to talk about Islam in a public way, people are going to question you, and it would be at that point that I would tell you to study Qur’an formally.

I responded to a question from someone who was having trouble believing in The Qur’an, which I realize isn’t your question, but there are themes (in the post) which I think might address some of the issues you’re raising. You can read that here.

If that is not helpful, and there are other concerns that I’m not understanding, please don’t hesitate to ask me another question.

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