Thoughts on prom?

Thoughts on prom?


thoughts on prom?

Salaam alykum,

I haven’t been able to find anything in any of the works of the major Fuqaha, none of them address this “prom.”

In all seriousness, I honestly think it is an issue to be left to ‘Adat and ‘Urf, or customs and existing practices, and thus it depends on what one’s limits and boundaries are, and what is culturally acceptable by one’s particular household and family.

Obviously, this is all mitigated by The Qur’an and Sunnah, and anything that goes against these limitations are thus not to be engaged in.

Who has a good time at prom, anyways? The only good stories I’ve heard are from girls (and only girls) who go together as friends, or people who peaked in high school. So, if my answer is going to be used as some sort of legitimization of you going to prom, let me answer it this way:

High school is terrible, and you’re going to be confused in a few years as to why you cared about anything related to High school. So, if prom is going to make your parents angry, then don’t go, because it’s not worth it, ever, and most things that make your parents angry aren’t worth it anyway (with notable and obvious exceptions). Prom isn’t one of them.

Insha Allah, I hope I answered your question, and I’m sorry if my age (I’m 25) and relative cynicism hasn’t come off the wrong way.

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